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Enter password:



Level 3 Security clearance detected.

Authorization process complete.

Accessing file…

Warning! Higher Security clearance is required to view some of the information stored within this file.

Redacting classified information…

Item number: GRM-015

Threat level: Class C; currently neutralized.

Containment procedures: GRM-015 is to be contained in a 30x30x30 meter underground vault at Site-18. Site-18 is to be disguised as a Hazardous Waste Material Depot with armed guards enforcing that no civilians should enter the surrounding area of the site in a 20 kilometer wide containment zone.
Personnel tending to the vault must be well fed and be supplied with an on-site refrigerator that is to be constantly stocked with an assorted selection of snack foods. Any cravings of candy by personnel must be reported immediately and their shift is to be transported to another containment area.
No one under the age of 16 is permitted on Site-18. (see Special Containment Procedures for exceptions)

Special Containment Procedure: To avoid further containment breaches (see Incident Report-1) and ensure maximum safety, on 19[__].[_].[__]. a new special containment procedure has been issued by OS-5. Every three months, two human children, one male and one female, ranging from ages [_] to [__] must be introduced to the vault of GRM-015. They are to be encouraged to eat parts of GRM-015, prompting the appearance of GRM-015-1. They are then [DATA EXPUNGED].
Acquisition of special containment procedure subjects are to be done from public orphanages. Twin subjects are preferable, but not necessary.

Description: GRM-015 is a sentient and carnivorous supernatural entity resembling a gingerbread house of approximately 20 square meters, consisting of a single room. A number of components have been known to appear on GRM-015, including but not limited to: gingerbread, frosting, chocolate, gum, pure sugar, licorice and several other sweets. The substances and appearance of GRM-015 are inconsistent, changing after each incubatory period. These substances have been described by test subjects as superior in taste compared to any other candy they have eaten. To date, no further effects have been proven to be caused by these substances.
GRM-015 is capable of regrowing and restructuring its candy layer. The loss of sugary substances does not seem to cause pain to GRM-015, however, attempts to destroy GRM-015 have triggered an aggressive and violent response, causing the deaths of [__] staff members and breach of containment.
GRM-015 usually remains in a dormant state for approximately three months (hereafter referred to as incubation period) after which GRM-015-1 appears in one of the corners of GRM-015. GRM-015-1 resembles an old woman of indeterminate race, possessing the physical attributes of a human female, approximately 70 years of age. GRM-015-1 can fluently speak several languages, but will only do so to children below the age of 16 with the intention of [DATA EXPUNGED]. All attempts to communicate and inquire about the details and origin of GRM-015 have failed. GRM-015-1 can be injured and killed by traditional means, however, her body will quickly dissolve into an unidentified sugary substance. The death of GRM-015-1 is always followed by an aggressive outburst from GRM-015 consisting of [DATA EXPUNGED] and relocation by unknown means. Attempts by personnel to harm GRM-015-1 are to be met with immediate termination by the on-site security staff. The primary purpose of GRM-015-1 seems to be luring prey inside GRM-015 where they are [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is currently unknown whether digestion takes up the incubatory period or if the purpose is to recreate another instance of GRM-015-1.
In the case of GRM-015-1 failing to find suitable prey for a time period ranging from two to six weeks, GRM-015 will create another entity, GRM-015-2. GRM-015-2 is a white bird of unspecified species, however, aside from coloration it strongly resembles Turdus philomelos. GRM-015-2 initially appears on the roof of GRM-015, disappearing after approximately eight hours. Reports indicate that GRM-015-2 somehow reappears next to the nearest area where it can find prey. How GRM-015-2 locates prey is unknown. The song of GRM-015-2 has been described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘calming’ by adult test subjects, however, anyone under the age of 16 who hears the song will experience a loss of cognitive capabilities, a mild state of euphoria and unresponsiveness as well as an unexplainable urge to approach GRM-015. Tests have shown that those affected by GRM-015-2 know where GRM-015 is instinctually, no matter the location (See Incident Report-1). Recordings of the song of GRM-015-2 have failed to show similar effects.

Recovery: GRM-015 has come to the attention of the Foundation after several reports of disappearing children near [_____], Germany. A recovery team found GRM-015 hidden in one of the forests near [_____], and managed to isolate the area until a relocation team arrived, transporting GRM-015 to Site-[__]. Excavation teams have found the skeletal remains of approximately [____] children buried under the original location of GRM-015. The origins of GRM-015 are unknown, but radiocarbon dating suggests that it is around 200 years old.

Addendum-1: As of 20[__].[_].[_]., no staff members are allowed to consume any part of GRM-015. Violation of this rule will result in reclassification as D-class personnel or on-site termination.

Addendum-2: Staff members are discouraged from communicating or interacting with subjects brought in for the special containment procedure.  Upon request, personnel working with GRM-015 might request Class-A amnesiacs after witnessing a special containment procedure as well as psychiatric help.

Note-1: Suggestion by Dr. [_______]: Repackaging and marketing the outer candy layer of GRM-015 as a snack.

Note-2: As of order by OS-5, Dr. [_______] has been given Class-C amnesiac, sent to Site-[_] and assigned to [_____] duty.

Incident Report-1: On 19[__].[_].[__]. at 02:00 CEST, GRM-15-2 has appeared after four months of successful containment at Site-[__]. At 10:00 CEST, GRM-15-2 has disappeared from the containment area, relocating to the nearby village of [______]. GRM-15-2 has been described by witnesses to have sat on a branch of a tree in the yard of [_________________] Kindergarten, designating and entrancing [__] victims as prey. Upon discovery of this, on-site staff at Site-[__] attempted to destroy GRM-015, killing GRM-015-1 in the process, resulting in a containment breach, the loss of [__] personnel, [DATA EXPUNGED], the disappearance of GRM-015 and the destruction of Site-[__]. The Foundation managed to track down the new location of GRM-015 by following the victims still entranced by GRM-015-2. After GRM-015 [DATA EXPUNGED] it entered into a dormant state for 8 months, the longest incubation period as of date, theorized to be caused by the abundance of prey GRM-015 managed to consume. On 19[__].[_].[_], [_] days after the incident GRM-015 has been moved to Site-18 with the containment vault allowing the execution of the new special containment procedures. Parents of the victims of this incident have been given Class-D amnesiacs.

Inspired by the SCP Foundation

Nyelvi fordulat

Saima Harmaaja: Ébredés

A viharban tört össze egyszer
Az én gondtalan bárkám.
Ezernyi rémületet éltem át azon az éjen
Karommal átszelve a hullámokon

Minden amit szerettem, minden
a hullámokon át tűnt el,
Szemembe csaptak a vihar szárnyai
A víz elsüllyedt alattam

Mindenkori álmomom keresztül
Emelte a hullámzás dalát
Szemhéjakon át fehéredett az ég
Szemem felnyitottam.

Amit látok: a tenger a reggeli fényben csillog,
minek hullámain felhők úsznak.
Ahova nézek, a hullámokon
csak a reggel felhői lengedeznek.

És mint ahogy azelőtt sosem,
látom, érzem a szépséget:
titkos fénnyel teli
víz, égbolt és te élteted azt.

Mit jelent az, mi egyszer elsüllyedt
Emlékezni már nem tudok
Valaki hallja szenvedésem
Valaki, aki a vihart megbéklyózta.

És amikor a hullám minden elsöpört,
amit valaha szerettem,
valaki a kezét nyújtva
Átemelt engem a hullámbölcsőbe.